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Manoto TV

Manoto, which translates to "You and I" in Persian, is an international Persian-language general entertainment channel that has been freely available since its launch in October 2010. It is owned by the Marjan Television Network and operates from its base in London. Manoto's diverse programming encompasses a wide range of content, including documentaries, films, series, news, and reports.

Marjan Television Network was established by Kayvan Abbassi and Marjan Abbassi.

The funding for Manoto primarily comes from venture capitalists, as stated in a 2011 report on human rights and information access in Iran by the Foreign Policy Centre, an independent think tank based in the UK. While the report did not disclose the specific venture capital firms involved, there is a prevailing belief among Iranian analysts that the channel may be sympathetic to Iran's ousted monarchy.

The founders of Manoto, Kayvan and Marjan Abbassi, who are a UK-based Iranian couple, maintain a low profile in the media and have typically declined requests for interviews about their company and TV channel.

Determining Manoto's exact viewership rates can be challenging; however, anecdotal evidence suggests that the channel has rapidly gained popularity, becoming a significant player in the Persian-language broadcasting market. It is often considered a competitor to more established satellite channels like BBC Persian and VOA Persian TV. According to a BBC report from 2008, these channels were estimated to be watched by at least 30 percent of households within Iran.

One of Manoto's popular programs is "Befarmaeed Sham" (English: "Come Dine with Me"), which is the Iranian adaptation of the original British cooking show. In this program, participants host dinner parties and vie for the title of the best cook and entertainer.

Manoto TV