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Kanal Jadid Live

Kanal Jadid TV is your people's television, and since 2003, it has been advancing with your cherished support. Thanks to your support, Kanal Jadid has become the voice of insight and civility, advocating for freedom and equality, and representing the hopes of the Iranian people for a brighter future. With your backing and the tireless efforts of volunteers and staff, this television network has played a vital role in saving the lives of those condemned to execution, abolishing stoning, supporting labor protests, amplifying dissent and demonstrations against the Islamic Republic, defending child laborers, runaway girls, Afghan migrants, political prisoners, youth, and the women's freedom and equality movement in Iran.

Continuing the mission of this platform for freedom, equality, and humanity, as always, rests in the hands of freedom-loving individuals like you whose hearts beat with humanity and hope for a better world. Kanal Jadid TV produces news, analytical, political, and social programs, representing the socialist and communist labor movement in Iran.

Kanal Jadid Live