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irib 1 پخش زنده

IRIB1 or the National Network is one of Iran's state-owned television networks managed within the framework of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). This network, also known as the National Network by its executive officials, is the world's first Persian-language visual media. The broadcasting of programs on this network in HD format with HEVC codec started on December 9, 1399 (Iranian calendar) via terrestrial and satellite receivers. [1]


This network began its operation on October 2, 1958, under the name "Iran National Television." At that time, it functioned as part of the Iranian National Radio and Television.

With Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's visit to France and an agreement with then-French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac, Iran purchased the SECAM color system from France, and on January 25, 1972, the IRIB launched Channel One. In 1975, this channel started broadcasting in color.

After the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the network's name changed from the National Television to its current name. In the mid-2000s of the Iranian calendar (late 1980s CE), it was also commonly referred to as the National Network.

During the management of Ali Larijani at the IRIB, this network changed its color broadcast system from SECAM to PAL.

From July 5, 1397, to May 10, 1401, Majid Zeinalabedini managed this network. On December 1, 1399, to commemorate the sixty-second anniversary of the network's establishment and its HD conversion, Network One updated its visual identity and graphics. From May 10, 1401, Masoud Mirabadian was appointed as the manager of Network One by the new IRIB deputy, Mohsen Barmehani. Prior to this, Masoud Mirabadian had been active in the field of arts.

irib 1 پخش زنده