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Tolo tv live

Tolo TV, established in November 2004, stands as Afghanistan's premier private television station, offering round-the-clock programming in Farsi and Pashto. Founded by Saad Mohseni, a returning immigrant from Australia, it initially broadcasted solely in Kabul but expanded its reach through satellite transmission, extending its coverage to East Asia and the Middle East.

Over its 18-year journey, Tolo TV has revolutionized Afghan broadcasting, becoming the first Afghan channel to provide 24-hour programming. Its diverse content spans news, dramas, entertainment, and educational programs, with live coverage of national events like elections and inaugurations.

Tolo TV faced initial resistance from religious circles due to its liberal approach to music broadcasting. However, self-censorship became necessary after fines were imposed for content deemed contrary to Islamic principles by the Supreme Court of Afghanistan.

Under the Taliban regime, Tolo TV, like other media outlets, faced restrictions, leading to the removal of certain shows. Music and foreign series were strictly prohibited, with any violation attracting severe penalties. To adapt, Tolo TV began airing religious programs aimed at counteracting radical ideologies.

Despite the challenges, Tolo TV continues to offer vital entertainment programs, providing a much-needed escape for a population grappling with decades of conflict. Signature shows like Afghan Star, Qabe Goftogo, and Shabake Khanda have become cultural touchstones, offering moments of joy and respite amidst adversity.

Tolo tv live