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Tamadon TV Live

Tamadon TV, established under the leadership of Ayatollah Mohammad Asef Mohseni in Kabul, offers a unique broadcasting experience. Unlike other private networks, Tamadon TV focuses on religious and cultural programming, abstaining from music broadcasts. The network's diverse content includes discussions on religious matters alongside popular Iranian soap operas like "She was an angle."

Operating experimentally via ABS satellite across Asia and Europe, Tamadon TV also utilizes a land transmitter on the UHF band in Kabul, with channel 36 accessibility. With a commitment to cultural and religious objectives rather than political or commercial motives, Tamadon TV stands apart. Equipped with advanced facilities and technical resources, the network ensures high-quality broadcasting, reaching viewers worldwide through satellite transmission.

Tamadon TV Frequency:

Position: 52.5°E

Satellite: Al Yah 1

Beam: East

Frequency: 12015 H

System: DVB-S2

SR: 27500

FEC: 3/4

Language: Persian

Source: K Berkes

Tamadon TV Live