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Sahar TV Afghanistan

Sahar TV is an Iranian satellite television channel targeting foreign countries. It is part of the Sahar Universal Network, an extension of the Iranian national radio and television service (IRIB), established in 1997 to produce programs. Since 2005, Sahar TV has been divided into two channels (Sahar TV1 and Sahar TV2) and six services (in English, French, Kurdish, Urdu, Bosnian, and Azerbaijani).

The channel aims to counter the influence of Western media, which Iranian authorities consider biased and aggressive, and to promote a different vision of the Iranian nation, its political and religious structures (based on Shiite Islam), and its founding principles initiated by Imam Khomeini.

Sahar TV's history dates back to the late 1990s, with the first services in Azerbaijani and Bosnian. The Kurdish service began in 1997, followed by English, French, and Urdu services in subsequent years.

In France, the channel faced controversy in February 2005 due to the broadcast of programs with anti-Semitic content, resulting in its prohibition on cable networks and satellite bouquets. Despite this, Sahar TV continues to broadcast directly via satellite.

The channel's programming includes news bulletins, press reviews, political debates, series, documentaries, and religious programs. Productions such as "Ghaem-Maghame Farahani" and "Les Pages Blanches" are among its notable series, catering to Persian-speaking audiences with French subtitles.

Sahar TV's English service broadcasts four hours daily, featuring news, debates, documentaries, and religious content. Similarly, Arabic-speaking audiences are targeted through programs produced by Iran's national radio and television service but aired on specific channels like Al-Kawthar TV and Al-Alam News Network.

Sahar TV Afghanistan